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Our Mission
To preserve and maintain the history of the Glenwood City area so that future generations can appreciate the hard work and dedication of those who turned a logging camp into the town they know today.

Our mission is on the move! We have achieved great things in 2012 thanks to the generous support of our donors and volunteers!

We now have our museum open and ready to display, you can find out more by clicking the Museum link.

We have also included some images from our museum for you to look at on the Photo Gallery page.

We are hosting guest speakers to continue to build on the rich history of Glenwood City and surrounding areas. Check out our Events calendar to see previous speakers and what events are soon to come!

Interested in becoming a member? Find out more in the Become a Member link. If you are looking at helping us in our cause, be sure to check out the Donate page to find out how.

We have also included a link to the Wisconsin Historical Society website so you can find other great places to discover Wisconsin history!



Books on Glenwood City's History

Thank you for your interest in the "Old Betsy Railroad" line. Currently, the Glenwood Area Histroical Society is working on a book covering the complete history of this short line logging railroad.

Also another book on the Glenwood Main Street businesses from 1885 to present day will also be published soon.

Currrently the historical society has fo sale the book "Echos of Our Past", a good read about local history.


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